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It's been forever since I've updated this thing.
A lot has happened in my life, but I'm doing doodles again, so hopefully I'll have some d-rawr-ings for you guys within the next few months...
Love you all, and thanks for the adds, favourites, and comments.
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  • Eating: Air D:
  • Drinking: Coffee, of course.
Um. It's been a little over two years since any sort of update on my art life.. So here goes nothing.
I'm still doodling in my free time. And yeah.
There's nothing big being made.. except there's a couple comics in the works and a 3D cardboard sculpture being planned.
It's mostly fan-art. Bah.
That whole.. creative thing is starting to come back to me.
I need a scanner and a camera so I can update.
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Gyah- I've been kinda.. anti-art.. lately- so.. nothing's been updated (obvously). *nod* Not that any of you care, I'm sure.. @_@; I just had to make sure you all knew that I'm still alive.

Gah, not only am I 'anti-art', my scanner's not working. I'm gonna get that fixed, though.. and hopefully start drawing again.

YAY. Coffee is your best friend..
Here I sit, listening to Evangelion music, drinking coffee, and dancing slowly around the room. Today feels rather peaceful. Yet I don't know why.
Yay for uploads.
Teehee, it's been forever since I last did ANYTHING on here. So I figured I'd steal my dad's computer with the scanner, and scan some stuff. I added I think five deviations and two scraps. I'm so proud of myself, though. Umm, I seem to have figured this site out over the past few (XD) months, too.

*glows with glee*

"WHAT?! This has nothing to do with JELLY!!"

=D *A Very Giddy Uriko*
Yeah. I uploaded like three pictures today, but they aren't here. This is messed up. ;_; I knew I'd mess up somewhere.  Blaaahhh.
Whoa, it's a journal? It is.

Yes, I'm gonna re-update... eventually... by the beginning of November. Hopefully. I'll have several pictures up by then... hopefully. They will be good. And that, my dearies, is a promise.

<3 The Uri